Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wow, What a Night!

Tonight was incredible. Wednesdays are agility class nights for Baloo. I left work early at 4:00, came home, and attempted to set up my vcr to tape the Suns basketball game. The Suns played the Dallas Mavericks, and I was seriously conflicted about taking Baloo to class tonight because I hated to miss any of the game. Turns out, I could not get the vcr hooked up correctly, so I called on good friend and sister Aggie to see if she would tape the game in case I missed too much. She said yes, so Baloo and I dropped the video tape by and headed off to class. I had high hopes for tonight's class. To set us up for success, I bought some all beef hotdogs from Target the other night, as well as some cheddar cheese cubes. I had taken the hotdogs to work today and microwaved them at 70% for about 6 minutes. Well, some of them were a bit overcooked, but many were okay. We arrive at Pomeroy Park for class, and we were armed with some really excellent treats. I did not bring Baloo's crate tonight, because we are expecting a brand new soft crate to come UPS tomorrow, and I figured one night I could get away with not crating her (it's a rule that the dogs must be crated before and after class so the humans can help set up the equipment). Before class, Baloo and I ran around the field a bit to loosen up. Then we practiced on some of the equipment that has been giving her trouble. I was hoping for a chance to work on the tunnel before class officially started. My classmates and instructors were trying to help Baloo through the tunnel, but she was quite wary. We probably tried to get her through a little too quick and she bucked about like a bronco. There's a fine line between coaxing and pushing with Baloo. So we eased back and put treats in the tunnel, a few at a time letting her take her time. Then she did it! With Kurt holding her and me on the other side of the tunnel calling and offering treats, she just went for it. Then we had her do it again. It was great. Class started after that, and Baloo had a special spring in her step. She did so well on the obstacles. We made progress on walking the plank, and when it was our turn to return to the tunnel we started on the compressed tunnel first and she ran through several times. Then we decided to go for the long tunnel. I couldn't believe it, she did it. Then we went through the tunnel again and again. We also had a new obstacle tonight, the A-frame. A little hesitation the first trial, and then she loved it. She actually looked like she was having a great time. And all those hotdogs and bits of cheese! What a great breakthrough class we had. When class was over, we grabbed our stuff and ran to the car. There was a Suns game to get to! The game was close by this time. The Suns up by 3. I didn't realize it, but they had been up by 16. As I drove home, the Mavericks were coming on strong and it looked like the momentum was in the Maverick's favor. I was so excited listening to the game on the drive home. When I did get home it was the last minute of the third quarter. But the Suns were really down. But then they had a miraculous fourth quarter. It was amazing! Steve Nash tied the game and they went into overtime! Then a second overtime! SUNS WIN! SUNS WIN! Wow, What a Night!

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