Sunday, May 06, 2007

At Mill's End

Oh what a beautiful morning in Tempe, Arizona. The temperature couldn't be more perfect, especially for a day in May. Baloo and I are downtown, at Mill's End cafe and creperie. I had a delicious crepe, filled with turkey, provolone, tomatoes and mushrooms, along with a cup of coffee. I'm glad we decided to vary from the usual Sunday morning routine, breakfast at Wildflower Bread Company. I really like going there, but this morning we walked along the lake and the exercise was good. We got a chance to practice our running stamina and there's always people fishing, biking, running, walking - it's just a good place to get a Sunday morning started. We saw a great blue heron perched alongside the lake bank and Baloo was very interested as it flew off with great, slow flaps. I like watching the rowers skim across the water.

Baloo is a perfect cafe dog. Especially with the exercise beforehand, she calmly sat by my side for the first hour or so and now that we are into our second hour she has laid down next to my table to watch the finches and sparrows patrol the tables for crumbs, and cyclists and walkers coming and going. She is quiet and watchful. We are quiet now, but in only a couple hours we will be at home with the television volume loud as we cheer on the Phoenix Suns. Go Suns! This is your year to beat the Spurs and go to the top!