Sunday, June 17, 2007

Agility Beginner Class Graduation

Graduation Day (June 6). Baloo’s most challenging course started with a couple jumps, the dog walk, a tunnel, tire, more jumps and a chute, the table, weave poles, another tunnel, jumps, a-frame, and the final jump. Baloo is talented. She loves running a course and definitely has the potential to compete in the future. The big challenge will be for me…can I excel at communicating to Baloo when we are running a course? When we ran our graduation fun run, it was evident that I was the one who needed practice. An agility course can be challenging to remember. How timely that in this month’s “Clean Run” magazine, was a great article offering tips on how to memorize obstacle sequences. Baloo is so fast, I will need to learn how to send her along the course with minimal running on my part. Obstacle name recognition and the commands to move left, right, or here will be critical in our training. But Baloo is multi-talented and I believe I can also be trained, so we are excited for the next class in the fall. Until then, we’ll have the weekly fun runs to look forward to. Since the summer is a slow time for agility practice, this will be a good opportunity to explore Baloo’s other interests, like social issues, current events and blogging.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


photo by aggieB !