Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baloo's Birthday Party

Last night was Baloo's birthday party at Carver dog park. I think she knew it was a special night, her and sister Jazz received a lot of dog biscuits before we headed to the park. There were so many dogs at the park, and so many of Baloo's friends were waiting for her when we arrived. She was so excited to see Dalton, who she hasn't seen for months. Dalton was one of her first friends and even though he is much much smaller than she, he is only 4 days younger and they play so good together. Baloo met Dalton during one of her first visits to the park, when her aunt Aggie was puppy sitting. There were at least 40 dogs at the park when we arrived, everyone played so nicely together. The weather was absolutely fabulous, one of those perfect spring evenings we Arizonans love. Baloo's friends included: Pumpkin, her mom Aimee, Pepper the dalmation, her dad Ash, the shelties Wendell and his brother, dad Mika, mom Eva and her pack Dalton, Copper, Kendra, and the newest addition who I forget; Fatso and Cookie with their dad Mike; Buddy and Charlie; Kojak the basset puppy who is 3 months to the day younger than Baloo; Bert and his mom Lynn; Yuki and Darby and mom Joe; Maia and her mom; and lots of others. Of course, daddy Andre and auntie Aggie were there as well. Most everyone received a bag of dog treats from Baloo. The dogs were all on their best behavior and Baloo got to stay out extra long. Baloo is lucky to have so many good friends and family.

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