Sunday, March 25, 2007

Curve the Tunnel - No Problem

Baloo loves the tunnel. Last Wednesday at agility class whenever we came close to the tunnel she nearly pulled me with her, she was so eager to run through. It seems that she now thinks tunnels are a lot of fun - or at least she's figured out that running through a tunnel is a pretty easy way to get hot dogs and cheese. Class went well. In this week's class, the tunnels were curved which sometimes throws the dogs off since they can't see all the way through. For Baloo, the curve was no problem. Also we were introduced to the chute. That was a problem for some of the dogs. Baloo was a little tentative, but did go through.

It was my first opportunity to see how Baloo would like her new soft crate - NoztoNoz brand's largest crate, the X48. It is a really nice one that folds down for easy transport. It's not too heavy - a little awkward to carry but manageable. It unfolds quickly and is easy to set up. We need to work a little more on Baloo's fear of the crate, but she did go in and stay for a few minutes while I helped put equipment away. I think Baloo is starting to realize that we go have fun and eat cheese and hotdogs once a week in exchange for climbing over and through things. I can already see that she is gaining confidence. The weave poles and see-saw are still difficult for her, but she no longer refuses to try things.

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