Friday, January 12, 2007

Baloo at 10 Months

Baloo is now 10 months old. All her friends at the dog park can't get over how tall she is! She is also very fast. She loves going to the dog park and we go almost every day. She loves to play and has lots of friends, including Oscar, Lola, Pumpkin, Bert, Corbin, and Dalton. If one of her friends isn't around she makes new friends easily. One of her favorite things to do lately is to tease the other dogs and get them to chase her. She is also willing to chase them, but especially loves being chased. She is most happy when a group of dogs begins to chase - the more the better. Her favorite toy is something I like to call "dinosaur with feet". It's a medium sized rubber ball with a tail and is ridged along its back. It has two feet. After someone brought one to the park I got her one at PetCo. At the park, she'll make a big deal out of pouncing on it and chewing on it and holding it up high in the air to show all the other dogs. It never fails to entice someone to try to take it from her and then the chase begins!