Sunday, November 11, 2007

Morning Hikes are the Best!

At 16,500 acres, South mountain park is the largest municipal park in the world! Imagine that, and only a couple miles from my front door. It sure is a beautiful place to be on a gorgeous day in November. Baloo and I started our day there this morning, along with hundreds of bikers, hikers, their dogs, and a few horses. Even though cars and trucks lined the road leading to the Pima Canyon Trailhead we only passed an occasional hiker on the quiet trail. We hiked along Beverly Canyon Trail for a bit, before walking along Pima Wash and finally returning to the trailhead via National Trail. I’m scoping out the plants for interesting subjects to draw. Already thinking about my final botanical illustration project - although I'm a good couple years away from finishing my courses and officially starting my assignment. Bursage, brittlebush, creosote, palo verde, ironwood and saguaro cactus dominate the rocky landscape of South Mountain. We watched a curve billed thrasher enjoying a sunny rock. Baloo’s nose was in overdrive, discovering who knows what about the dogs who had hiked before her and something about the fresh horse manure on the trail really appealed to her senses.

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