Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cynosport World Games

Baloo and I went to the Cynosport World Games at Westworld in Scottsdale today. We arrived early and walked around. There was a lot to see! Dogs everywhere. We saw several rhodesian ridgebacks, plus lots of typical agility sport dogs like shelties, australian shepards, border collies, a couple boxers, jack russel terriers, a couple italian greyhounds, yorkshire terriers, and plenty of mixed breed dogs. I wondered how Baloo would do at the Course A Lure this year. Last year Baloo didn't understand what she was supposed to do and was terrified of the tunnel, unsure about the tire, and not too crazy about the fake squirrel thing she was supposed to chase. This year was completely different. Baloo was so excited to chase the lure, she ran off after it lickity split, through the tire over the long jumps, through the tunnel around the bend and all the way to the end. She was still excited afterward and nearly dragged me along the ground as she kept trying to go after the lure again. After her run we walked around a bit more. We saw some of the frisbee competition and watched the herding dogs scramble after four sheep. We sat in the shade and watched a little free style - from what I could tell, that consisted of the dog doing tricks to music. We also watched a little bit of flyball, where the dogs run after a ball in relays, at a very fast and excited pace. Baloo received many complements, she is so calm and well mannered. Then we went back to the lure course for one more run. Baloo was even more excited and very fast. She ran the course in only about 18 seconds! We didn't stay around to see if she won a ribbon for her exceptional time. It was hot out, and the star was beginning to drag. Phoenix has been above normal temperatures the last few days, and unfortunately today was no exception. By noon it was pretty close to 90 farenheit. Baloo had really wanted to watch the final agility rounds where the best of the best would compete - she was looking forward to picking up a few tips. But it was too hot, so we called it a day - a really great day!

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Aggie Brazill said...

Love the dog, the photos of the dog and the dog stories!
Auntie Aggie