Sunday, February 18, 2007

Agility Baloo

On Valentine's Day Baloo went to her first agility class. We are now members of the GoodDogAgility Club. First day is just class rules and what to expect and how to start training. Plus it was windy and began to rain. Also I was about 15 minutes late because of Valentine dinner at the Havana Cafe (delicious!). So we are looking forward to our next class, when we'll really have a chance to see Baloo in action.

I've already gotten some of the gear we'll need - a new clicker and a treat bag. I think we'll begin to work with the clicker this afternoon at the dog park. Our first goal will be to associate the click with a treat, no commands just clicking and treating. We also have to start working with our "target" a cottage cheese lid (I've got to finish off that cottage cheese - or better yet, maybe I'll just throw it out, it's very tangy - Nancy's brand, old fashioned tart and tangy cottage cheese. Got it by mistake, my taste buds aren't ready for tangy cottage cheese). I'll have Baloo practice taking treats off the lid so she will eventually learn to touch her nose to the lid.

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