Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adolescence here we come...

Baloo is 10 1/2 months, an adolescent. She eats adult food now and is beginning to fill out and look more dog-like. She has only a hint of puppy in her face, but all her friends at the dog park have noticed her recent growth spurt and her body is beginning to grow out rather than up for a change. She is so tall that Jazz dog can walk under her. She and Jazz are getting along very well, Baloo won't even eat from a food bowl until Jazz eats first, she continues to be completely respectful. At the park she is beginning to stand her ground a bit more firmly. Last week, she growled and snapped over a piece of tennis ball she had grown fond of. But mostly she continues to be happy go lucky Baloo, doing her best to play with any well-mannered dog. Luckily she generally steers clear of the agressive ones, and tends not to run toward dog scuffles. When she meets a shy dog, she gets down the butt in the air in a "downward dog" position, and invites them to play. She is patient enough to try to get the shy dogs to play, and always up to the challenge.

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