Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 3, 2006

Baloo is turning into an awesome dog. She's 8 months old and well behaved. If she gets out of line, a quick "Dog Whisperer" move is sure to get her back on track. Best of all, Jazz and Baloo are getting along. After all these months of supervised only interactions, they are finally at a place where they can be allowed to be left for hours at a time together, unsupervised. In the last couple weeks I have observed a new morning routine that they share. Jazz eats her food in the morning while Baloo waits. Once Jazz is done, Baloo moves in to finish the last few pieces (never mind that it is Nutro for Seniors). Before starting on her puppy food (Nutro for Large Breed Puppies), Baloo gallops off to the backyard to walk with Jazz. They walk around the backyard together every morning, Jazz seems to be showing Baloo the essentials of the morning patrol. Baloo walks along beside or just behind Jazz. Whatever Jazz does, Baloo does also. They have become a little pack. They still have occasional squabbles, but certainly they are beginning to enjoy each other's company and have figured out how to coexist.

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