Sunday, December 31, 2006

9 1/2 Months

Baloo is definitely entering adolescence. She is strong and beginning to assert her will. Yesterday, we hiked around South Mountain park but stopped frequently to adjust her collar. Unless it's situated high up on her head (as opposed to low on her neck where it naturally slides) I have trouble controlling her. She easily pulls me from this side to that as she sniffs at the creosote and brittlebush lining the trail. We hiked for a bit and then went off to the dog park so she could get thoroughly drained. It worked. Baloo played with a year old labrador retriever named daisy. They chased and wrestled and wore each other out.
This morning as I left for my Sunday routine outing to the Wildflower Bread Company for breakfast, I saw Baloo's back end sticking out of the compost bin. I had cleaned my kitchen cabinets of old flour and pasta - dumping it all in the compost bin, figuring the dogs wouldn't be interested. But there she was nosing through the mess. I called out to get her attention, and Baloo spun around not recognizing me at first. Then she rushed toward the fence barking, but quickly stopped when she saw it was me. There she stood looking puzzled, cocking her head to the side with her big nosed covered in flour. Got cha!

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