Friday, May 19, 2006

Baloo's First Outing

Today Baloo went on a "socialization field trip" to my office. Since I work with a lot of really cool people who love animals we were welcomed. All were happy to get a puppy fix on a Friday. Baloo did very well and liked showing off her long ears and perfect ridge. Afterwards she slept for hours. Meeting new people is exciting but also tiring. Since some of my other dogs have had certain hangups, I'm taking a different approach with Baloo. I guess it's the scientist in me. Being a biologist, I can hardly help but be a data-driven sort. So we have our list of things to do to expose her to a variety of people, cats, dogs, tortoises, activities. A well-exposed dog is a well rounded joy to be with. That's the plan anyway.

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