Sunday, June 11, 2006

12 weeks

Baloo is now 12 weeks old and growing fast. Most people we encounter can hardly believe she is only 3 months old! Baloo had several adventures this week, including puppy shots, a trip to PetSmart, and we went to 2 cafes to practice her "hanging out" skills. She is learning to be a good lounger. As we approach week 13, she is beginning to pull on her leash. She is beginning to develop a curiosity about the world, and is getting a little bolder each day.

Baloo's favorite thing to do is go to our neighborhood park and play with the other dogs. Every night at about 7 pm a group of dogs, along with their people, gather for ball chasing, tail wagging, pouncing, tumbling fun. If it weren't for Baloo, I wouldn't have discovered that I have some really nice neighbors. The dogs are typically very well behaved and come in all sizes. Baloo is the youngest, but no longer smallest. Her favorite dog friends are Yoshi, the golden retriever, and Sagey, the heeler mix. She also loves Lola (greyhound mix), Cody (golden retriever/chow), Penny (beagle), Jocko (springer spaniel) Chloe (rottweiler), Holly (lab), Angel (pomeranian), Buster (rottweiler), Sasha (rottweiler mix), Agent (beagle), and Toby (black lab). Other drop-ins include Rocky, Bob, Mocha (all labs), and Wooly Bully (pit bull mix).

A friend loaned me the dog whisperer's audio book. I think it will come in handy as I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Baloo doesn't become an unruly 90 lb ridgeback. We already know the biggest key to success (which works quite well in my own life as well): Exercise! A well-exercised dog/human is a happy dog/human. When we exercise, everything else just falls into place.

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